The Diamond Bathtub is the culmination of countless hours worth of hand-created artistry. Each Swarovski crystal is affixed by hand to the side of a nineteenth century-style, cast-iron, claw-foot bathtub or bathtub style of your choice. The entire process takes countless hours and includes over forty thousand precious imported Swarovski crystals. The Diamond Bathtub blends strict attention to detail with quality materials and time honored craftsmanship. Take a look at our famous BABY bathtub receiving attention from around the world! Our bathers are sure to feel like a prince or princess. Taking a bath is a luxury nowadays, but The Diamond Bathtub makes it easy to relish the quiet moments we all desperately need…to relax, unwind, and bask in the glow of a true indulgence.



Swarovski Crystal


Swarovski represents the height of unmatched quality, unique variety, crystal brilliance, latest trend information and cutting edge innovations.


Discerning consumers value Swarovski products. Exceptional crystal purity and cutting precision guarantee exclusivity and quality beyond compare. With its unsurpassed variety and brilliance, the broad crystal spectrum gives customers free creative rein. Crystal enthusiasts throughout the world succumb to the magic of Swarovski.